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Welcome to our Sunday Club

We are delighted that Sunday Club is back face-to-face once again. We meet at the front of the Church at 10.30am and sit in for the first 10 minutes or so of the serivce, before going over to the church hall. We are not following any particular series of material at the moment and just using stand alone lessons each week. All primary school aged children are very welcome to come and join us.

The online Sunday Club lessons we have done over the last couple of years are still available on our Church You Tube Channel if you want to view these at any time.

In 2020 we started a new series of online Sunday Club called “New Year New Life”, helping us all start the year off right by focusing on the good news of the gospel. With the current chaos that’s happening in our world, it is as relevant as ever to focus on what it means to start a new life with Jesus at any time of the year. These sessions are also available on our You Tube channel. Just scroll back through the recordings to find them. Activity Sheets for this series can be found below under ‘Take Home Sheets’. We then looked at what Lent is all about and then moved on to look at some of the parables that Jesus told. There are Activity Sheets for these lessons below as well.

Adopt-A-Child Sponsorship

Each year we receive an update of how Neyda is getting on. Click here to see her 2022 Update.

During the Covid-19 crisis, the Adopt-A-Child centres have not been open, but food parcels have been delivered to Neyda and her family instead. Click here to read a letter from her mum.

Neyda’s birthday is in December. Click here to read her last Thank You letter.

This is Neyda Briakilin Mendez Morente, the girl from Guatemala sponsored by our Sunday Club.  She is 11 years old and lives in the Quiche mountain village of Tunaja.  She is in 5th grade in school and is glad that face to face lessons are possible again in Guatemala.  She and her family attend the ‘Prince of Peace’ church.

Several times a year, during our Sunday Club time, we write letters and send cards to Neyda and she sends letters and photographs back to us.  We also pray regularly for her and her family.  Sponsorship of Neyda costs £20 per month (plus extra for Christmas and Birthday presents) through the Adopt-A-Child sponsorship programme and we cover the cost of this mainly from our annual Soup Lunch fundraiser in March and also through our Sunday Club collection money each week.  We hope that through this sponsorship and the contact we have with Neyda, we can all learn about how God can use us and the money we give to help others less fortunate than ourselves. 

Read more about Adopt-A-Child on our Mission Work Page.

Take Home Sheets

The Parables of Jesus

Week 1 – The Two Sons

Week 2 – The Good Samaritan

Week 3 – The Rich Man

Week 4 – The Lost Sheep

New Year New Life

Week 1 – 17th January 2021

Week 2 – 24th January

Week 3 – 31st January

Week 4 – 7th February

Useful Links

There are lots of sites online where you can find Christian activities for children of all ages. The following links take you to sites where you can find stories, crafts, puzzles and other activities for everyone to enjoy.

Lion Hudson EasterFriends & HeroesDLTK BibleMinistry to Children Activity VillageSU Explore Online

Also check out this fun Bible App for kids:

Out of the Box have a family series called ‘Rooted’. Find the weekly episodes here – on Facebook or on You Tube There are also worksheet resources to go along with the videos on their website.

If your missed Loch Ness Free Church’s Big Bible Treasure Hunt earlier in the year, catch up with all the fun episodes here.

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