Sunday, 19th June 10.30am Order of Service

There will be no evening service this week.

This week’s Communion Service is led by Rev Dr Adrian Varwell

Call to Worship

Lord God your love has called us here
as we, by love, for love were made
Your living likeness still we bear,
though marred, dishonoured, disobeyed
We come with all our heart and mind
your call to hear, your love to find

We come with self-inflicted pains
of broken trust and chosen wrong
half-free, half-bound by inner chains,
by social forces swept along
by powers and systems close confined,
yet seeking hope for humankind

Lord God, in Christ you call our name
and then receive us as your own
not through some merit, right or claim
but by your gracious love alone
We strain to glimpse your mercy seat
and find you kneeling at our feet

Then take the towel, and break the bread,
and humble us and call us friends
Suffer and serve till all are fed,
and show how grandly love intends
to work, till all creation sings,
to fill all worlds, to crown all things

Lord God, in Christ you set us free
your life to live, your joy to share
Give us your Spirit’s liberty
to turn from guilt and dull despair
and offer all that faith can do,
while love is making all things new [B Wren/OUP]


Welcome & Intimations

First Address

Lord Jesus Christ, you have come to us,
you are one with us, Mary’s son
Cleansing our souls from all our sin,
pouring your love and goodness in
Jesus, our love for you we sing, living Lord

Lord Jesus Christ, now and every day
teach us how to pray, Son of God
You have commanded us to do
this in remembrance, Lord, of you
Into our lives your power breaks through, living Lord

Lord Jesus Christ, you have come to us,
born as one of us, Mary’s son
Led out to die on Calvary,
risen from death to set us free
Living Lord Jesus, help us see you are Lord

Lord Jesus Christ, we would come to you,
live our lives for you, Son of God
All your commands we know are true,
your many gifts will make us new
Into our lives your power breaks through, living Lord [P Appleford]

Reading: Acts 2:32 – 47

Second Address


I love my Lord because he heard my voice
My God, he listens to my prayer
Because he hears me when I call on him,
through all my days I shall pray

My soul was saved from death; my eyes from tears;
my feet now walk before the Lord;
yet in despair I thought my end was near,
my faith in life disappeared

What can I do to thank God for his love,
for all his benefits to me?
I will lift up salvation’s cup on high
and call on him by his name

My vows to him I promise to fulfil,
to him I sacrifice my life
He freed me from the servitude of sin
and now I serve him all my days

Unite in praise, great family of God.
His children, bring to him your thanks
City of peace, where God has made his home,
with one accord praise his name! [Ps 116/J M Barnes]

The Lord’s Supper

Lord of the church, we pray for our renewing:
Christ over all, our undivided aim
Fire of the Spirit, burn for our enduing,
wind of the Spirit, fan the living flame!
We turn to Christ amid our fear and failing,
the will that lacks the courage to be free,
the weary labours, all but unavailing,
to bring us nearer what a church should be

Lord of the church, we seek a Father’s blessing,
a true repentance and a faith restored,
a swift obedience and a new possessing,
filled with the Holy Spirit of our Lord!
We turn to Christ from all our restless striving,
unnumbered voices with a single prayer –
the living water for our soul’s reviving,
in Christ to live, and love and serve and care

Lord of the church, we long for our uniting,
true to one calling, by one vision stirred
One cross proclaiming, and one creed reciting,
one in the truth of Jesus and his word!
So lead us on; till toil and trouble ended,
one church triumphant one new song shall sing
to praise his glory, risen and ascended,
Christ over all, the everlasting king!
[T Dudley-Smith/b1926]

May God’s blessing surround you each day
as you trust him and walk in his way
May his presence within guard and keep you from sin
Go in peace, go in joy, go in love [C Barrows]

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