Sunday, 22nd August Services

We are now fully open for business on Sunday mornings, and are hopeful that as many people as possible will find their way back to Church on a Sunday. We know that many of you have been missing the fellowship of fellow believers on a Sunday. We also understand that there is a reluctance in some folks to meet other humans in the current circumstances. Just be assured that we are missing you and longing to have you back with us in the Church building on Sundays.We have had a few technical issues with our new live streaming system, but we are hopeful that we might be able to live stream this morning’s service so if you are planning on joining the online service, head to our You Tube channel Hopefully you will then have the option to join the live service for Sunday 22nd August (this service will also be available on the YouTube Channel after the service). I will post the order of service for the service shortly.There will be no evening service this evening.

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