Moving our churches in mission: Adventures with God

From Thursday January 28 at 7.30 pm on Zoom, sign up below.

Are you hoping to see many people connect with God, get to know God, love Him, and spend their lives pursuing a new God adventure? We do. We have seen many people whose whole life has changed; The past redeemed, the future bright, the present full of purpose.
But many of us might have tried to reach out and feel bruised, battered and perhaps afraid. We recognise that too.

God however, will not stop calling people to Him and we want to join God’s efforts. Could God be calling you to be active an player, and planter of the seeds of His Kingdom?

You are not alone, we know there are many people in our churches wanting to follow God more closely and join Him. We want to grow a network where we resource ordinary people for God’s incredible kingdom purposes. To help us see He is at work and it is not that hard to join him.

OLM Fiona Morrison (St Columba, Dores and Boleskine) and Paul Haringman are going to have monthly missional conversations on Zoom about what we believe God is up to -in our area- and how we can join Him. Every month they will share stories, frustrations, dive into Scripture and apply missional lessons and theology. They will discuss questions like ‘What is God’s mission? How does He do it? What is my role?’ ‘How can I be missional without feeling embarrassed?’

If you join this journey, you will be encouraged, learn basic tools and move not just towards a missional mindset but into daily missional living, while becoming part of a large community of like-minded Kingdom adventurers.

It starts in 2021 on the last Thursday of each month on Zoom, from Thursday January 28 at 7.30pm. You can sign up now, do find someone else who will journey with you. Of course, it’s free! 
It is so easy to get more info, ask any of us. Fiona Morrison on, 07710331746
Paul Haringman on, 07837903277.
Or sign up with Sheila at, phone 01463 236695

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